The Story

Midnight, on a dark highway, strange events begin to happen.

Photographer Greg Ross, driving alone, becomes haunted by mysterious and frightening apparitions. Is he going crazy or is vengeance being sought by supernatural forces? Whatever it is, one thing is certain: his wife lies dead in the trunk of his car.

"Death ride" is a psychological suspense horror film - in a new style - Highway Horror.

Through flashback, we see Greg alone at the home of his mistress, Japanese supermodel Yumi. As he waits for his lover, there is a knock on the door. Greg opens the door and sees his wife, Amanda. Greg tries to explain his presence at Yumi's home, but Amanda loses control of her emotions and begins to yell and push at Greg. Tragically, Amanda falls in the melee, hits her head and dies instantly from the trauma.

Greg panics. Gripped with fear, he immediately tries to cover up the crime. Greg wraps Amanda's body in a sheet and puts it in the trunk of his car. He decides to take her body to Black Lake, a remote spot in the woods where he and Amanda were married… and the very place where he met Yumi during a photo shoot. On his way there, he is plagued with fears and becomes extremely paranoid of being caught. What follows can only be explained by the presence of dark supernatural forces, or Greg's mind completely unraveling under the intense stress of one very long night.

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