Dig your claws into the chilling masterpiece that spawned the greatest horror franchise in film history – now remastered and featuring hours of new Infinifilm extras. Starring Robert Englund as infamous child killer Freddy Krueger and featuring Johnny Depp in his first screen role, this “insomnia-inducing” (The Hollywood Reporter) original from director Wes Craven “goes straight to the heart of terror” (Seattle Times).

When her best friend Tina is brutally murdered, teenager Nancy (Heather Langenkamp) suspects the killer isn’t Tina’s boyfriend, but instead a much more horrifying figure from her dreams. Convinced that this vicious killer is stalking her friends and killing them as they sleep, Nancy enters a desperate race against time to bring the killer out of her dream world and stop the bloodbath… before she falls asleep and becomes his next victim! Trialer | Info | Part 1| 2| 3


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